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Monday, May 9, 2011

T.I's Business Partner Talks About Grand Hustle Going Out of Business

T.I.'s business partner Jason Geter addressed the future of Grand Hustle since there were rumors that the label would be shutting down. 
Jason set the record straight & explained that like any other business, when the supply & demand of a business is in jeopardy the best thing to do is downsize until other variables increase revenue. In an interview with Billboard, Jason says:

"Number one, Grand Hustle is definitely not dismantled, we unfortunately did downsize [on staff] & relocate. We’re doing business, just in a lighter way. A smarter way, due to our current situation.

We don’t have much business to do, not much going on, why pay people when unfortunately there’s not much going on? Same thing that the major labels are doing, it’s no different. Supply & demand, at the end of the day. It’s just the way of the business.

It’s no secret we’ve taken hits, back to back, with Tip’s absence [serving out his prison term]. We’re partners, we talk about everything, no matter if he’s in or he’s out. It’s Grand Hustle, so we communicate with one another."

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