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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ominous Red Releases Concept Album "SERIAL"

Concepts albums are rare! Ominous Red "kills" The Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, Nas, Aesop Rock, LoDeck, Common, ODB, Ice Cube, GangStarr, and EPMD

Tossing his own contribution into the rare collection of conceptual albums that Hip-Hop has provided over the years, Ominous Red drops an independently produced and performed album that attempts to do something that has never been done before or has it?

The art of storytelling is nothing new. A format of songs outlining a sequence of events is nothing new. Fantasies about cops, robbers, strippers and drug kingpins is nothing new. Wordplay is nothing new. Heavy kicks and snares is nothing new. But arresting an old dirty hobo who has 8 different personalities with hints of what appear to be a tribute to Wu-Tang... well that is unique. Take that idea and bury it into a book of several chapters of tributes to great emcees like Nas, Jay-Z, Biggie and Aesop Rock while telling a story that is a metaphor for the journey that Ominous Red took to from starting out as a fan to becoming an emcee and you have a very clever audio book in the form of a Rap album.

After remixing over 100 songs, Ominous Red took a page from Common's album "One Day It'll All Make Sense" and continued the art of storytelling by weaving an intricate murder mystery of a cop on the trail of a serial killer.

Underneath the story is a concept. The album "SERIAL" is a metaphor for what Hip-Hop is to Ominous Red. It is a tribute to the artists who have had the greatest impact on his definition of the art form.

The key to understanding the concept of "SERIAL" is identifying the 2 main parts of the metaphor. Fans are like police. They decide what is allowable in the world of Hip-Hop. They determine what is law and what is criminal. You cannot steal lyrics. You cannot be corny. You cannot sell out. Emcees are like serial killers. They kill the microphone. They slay any emcee who challenges them. They publish their albums in a series and fans/police are always on the lookout for public enemy number one.

You can listen to the whole album via YouTube and download all of Ominous Red's beats thus far on Bandcamp. "SERIAL" is available for purchase now on iTunes or Reverbnation.

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