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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How Much?

We all know artists don’t make much money from albums anymore, so they have to make their money someway right? Find out what your favorite celeb charges (and barely charge) for an appearance when you read on…

Celebs are now requesting ridiculous amounts of money to make public appearances these days. Kid Cudi charges a whooping $55,000 (really?) for an appearance, Nicki Minaj needs $35,000 to spit her bubblegum raps on the mic and The O Jays want at least $80,000 for some oldies but goodies.

Jeezy won’t step foot anywhere unless he’s getting $60,000 PLUS travel expenses. And one of the highest paid celebs for club appearances is T.I.. You need just a minor $110,000 to guarantee the KING will be in attendance.

If you’re in the mood for random non-words and sounds thrown together and put over a beat, Waka Flocka charges $22,000. Lol Seriously.

You only need $5,000 to “Sponsor” R&B underdog Teairra Mari for an event.

Mystikal needs between $11,000-$16,000 to finish paying Uncle Sam for his tax evasion misdemeanors. That’s asking a lot seeing that Mystikal’s last album came out in 2001.

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