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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

FUSE CHILLS WITH ICE CUBE: "Ice Cube: On The Record with Fuse" Airs Tuesday, July 13th at 8pm ET

- Fuse, Madison Square Garden's national music television network, sits down with pioneer rapper, Ice Cube for an exclusive interview "Ice Cube: On The Record with Fuse." Premiering on Tuesday, July 13th at 8pm ET, Fuse host Toure' goes one-on-one with the former N.W.A member to discuss the anticipated release of his ninth studio album I Am The West, his family life, acting career and what inspires him to continue to make groundbreaking music.
The following are selected sound bites from the interview:

On titling his latest album "I Am the West": "You know, I wouldn't have said that if I wasn't in that position. I'm not here to diss nobody, but I am here to shed light on me and shed light on what I've done, my history. I've repped the west side from day one, and in retrospect, could have probably lost a lot of record sales by doing it. But sometimes you got to do what's right. And I felt the west coast always gets a bum rap."

When asked if he thinks he is the best MC from California: "Yeah, I do. Because of the substance, the arc in the career, and the influence in other areas other than hip hop."

On making peace with Eazy-E before he passed: "We actually did it right here in New York. Years had gone by since "No Vasoline." Eazy was having his problems with Dre at that time. We was in the club, and we just saw each other, we went to the bar and just talked. We was in there talking about how we could put it back together. He said that he thinks he could talk to Dre - it was all good."

When asked if his perspective of police has changed: "Yeah, I mean they're nice to you when you've got money and when you know them. So I guess that's the key, is money. I've made critical records against the police still to this day. Just because things are cool with me, that doesn't mean America is fine. I feel like I am the voice of the people, when you're a rapper, you're speaking for more than just yourself. [At least] You should be."

On Hip Hop being a hobby: "It's always been. Some people go play poker or some people go do other things to have fun. I write rhymes, make hip hop, go in the studio."

SHOW: "Ice Cube: On The Record with Fuse"
AIRS: Tuesday, July 13th at 8pm ET
CHANNEL #: DirecTV 339 / Cable subscribers, check local listing at

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