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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mystery Rapper Pens Response to Eminem's Stan

 By Justin T. Stewart   Jun 8 2010, 14:15 Pm

Permanent Link to Mystery Rapper Pens Response to Eminem's Stan [Audio]
"I ain't mad, get at me Slim, if you don't, then I'll get at you.  Peace and love yo, Stan's little bro, Matthew."
Back in 2000, Eminem opened the world up to the mind of a crazed fan with the track "Stan" fromThe Marshall Mathers LP.
Although many thought the story ended with him plunging to his death, an artist has decided to keep it going through the perspective of Stan's little brother Matthew as he pens his own obsessions for Slim Shady.
What are your thoughts on the response from the mystery rapper?  Should Shady have a response back?

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