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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Drake Sued By Playboy Over “Best I Ever Had”

Playboy the American men's magazine empire is making an unexpected move and filing a lawsuit against Drake.
» by Danielle Canada June 27, 2010,
The rapper's #1 hit record “Best I Ever Had” is earning him more than just platinum plaques and will force him to face a possible court date now that Hugh Hefner's signature company has filed a copyright infringement complaint against him.

According to the legal documents, Aubrey Graham b.k.a. Drake, Cash Money Records and Universal Music Group are responsible for infringing upon the use of the song “Fallin In Love” by Hamilton, Joe Frank and Dennison/Reynold.
The original song, whose rights are owned by Playboy Music Inc. and Playboy Enterprises, is reportedly the song heard in the beginning of Drake's track and was used without permission.

Playboy says that Drake and the other defendants quote:

“Knew or should have reasonably known, that the sound recording was protected by copyright…” and that “each Defendant continues to infringe upon Plaintiff's rights in and to the copyrighted sound recording.”

The company also says that since the infringement is “continuing” and “ongoing “ they want an injunction to stop the sales and distribution of the record and Drake and the defendants held responsible for Playboy's costs and attorney fees.

Playboy would also like a portion of all gains, profits and advantages made off their original production.

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