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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Common and Mos Def Lend Support For New B-Boy Film For Change In Africa

by tffhthewriter June 2, 2010, 14:18pm
Conscious emcees Common and Mos Def have teamed up with Crazy Legs and Breakdance Project Uganda for a new film about the war torn country of Uganda.

Bouncing Cats, is a documentary about Abraham “Abramz” Tekya, a Ugandan B-Boy and A.I.D.S. orphan who created Breakdance Project Uganda (B.P.U.).

“[Hip-Hop] is where many people's pride is,” Tekya said. “It's a skill that no one can take away from us.”

B.P.U. established a free workshop that would empower, rehabilitate and heal the community by teaching youth about B-Boy culture. Based in Kampala, Uganda, B.P.U. has recently expanded to include permanent classes in Gulu, Northern Uganda.

Abramz teaches classes three times a week to more than 300 kids from all parts of the country. Many of the children are homeless, victims of war and poverty, and few can afford proper schooling yet they walk from miles away to attend the B.P.U. classes.

After hearing about the success and the mission of the project, many Hip-Hop greats in the U.S. were ready to lend their support in helping promote the message of the program.

Crazy Legs, one of the founding members of the influential Rock Steady Crew visited Uganda after receiving an invitation from Abramz to teach B-Boy classes. The film shows his journey while traveling throughout Uganda, from the southern slums to the war-torn North.

Bouncing Cats depicts the youth's passion for Hip-Hop and desire to learn amongst the most squalid conditions.

The goal of the film and B.P.U. is to use Hip-Hop culture for positive social change.

The film features narration by Common and interviews with Mos Def, Will.I.Am, and K'Naan and is directed by Nabil Elderkin.

Peep the trailer:

BOUNCING CATS film trailer from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

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