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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


New Single, "Get To Know Me Better" featuring Pitbull, Hitting Radio Now in Anticipation of Anthem Inc.- the First Album From All Three Original Members in Over a Decade.

MP3 Download: "Get To Know Me Better (Ecstasy Mix)" feat. Pitbull

Grammy award-winning group Naughty By Nature is set to return to the Persian Gulf for a USO Tour. The original line up of Treach, Vin Rock and DJ Kay Gee recently performed for US troops in Iraq and Kuwait (pictured) and have been asked to return after an overwhelming response to their live show that features classic hits like "O.P.P.," "Hip Hop Hooray" and "Jamboree" as well as previews of the forthcoming album Anthem Inc. This time around, they will be joined by MTV's Sway.

Vin Rock states, "I'm excited to support our troops again by touring with the USO. We enjoyed ourselves the previous trip, learned alot and were happy we could put smiles on the troop's faces."

With Anthem Inc. dropping later this year, Naughty By Nature has released the first single titled "Get To Know Me Better" featuring Pitbull. Stations across the country have begun to put the track in rotation, and the newly released Ecstasy Mix is sure to heat up the dance floor this summer.

When not touring, Naughty By Nature is in the studio putting the final touches on Anthem Inc.- the first album featuring all three original members since the gold-certified Nineteen Naughty Nine: Nature's Fury (1999, Arista Records). The new outing will continue the hardcore sentiments and hand-raising anthems that pushed them into the pop mainstream world almost two decades ago, all the while keeping their street credibility.

"This new album is definitely gonna take you back, but just like we always did, we've invented a new sound, a bunch of new flows and after being without an album for so long, we've gotta lotta things to say," proclaims Treach.

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