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Thursday, April 8, 2010

T-Pain spoke via Twitter on what happened in Dallas

T-Pain On Wednesday 7th April 2010, @NBTPAIN said "Aight so here's what happened. I went in the Dj booth of club Xtc just chillin tryin to get away from the crowd cuz ppl started askin for pix and shit in the strip club (no thanx). While I was in there the DJ asked me to shout out some of the hoods in Dallas (cool). As I was doin it he was cuttin the music on and off (normal). The manager of the club came in the booth and said "the girls can't dance with you cuttin the music on and off" (just a side note, the manager was a female). Then she said "you got to get out" then I said "get out the booth or the club"? She said "the booth" by that time I was pissed off anyways so I told all my ppl "let's go" then we hopped in the tour bus aaaannnndddd (wait for it) left. Thank you"

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