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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Trina, Keyshia Cole, and Keri Hilson

This is probably the first, and last time that I'm gonna do this. But damn, Keri Hilson's new song with Keyshia Cole and Trina is hot as f*ck!

The new song is called "Get Your Money Up". And while I still think that Hilson has made far too many public mistakes, in terms of her music and overall presentation, to develop a serious following [at least for a couple of more years] I think her new song "Get Your Money Up" is off the fuggin chain.

OK, maybe I am overselling it, but I really love the fact that the beat is dope. But there's also a message in their for todays kids to connect with.

Fellas, it's not cool to have a brand new whip but you're not paying child support, live at home with your moms, or have a roommate. But be up in Luckies on Wednesday night [Shoutout to Hannah and Botchey and Zae] trying to holla at chicks.

Ladies need a dude to get their money up. Which is why I guess I never have a problem in that area. [Insert hate here]

That goes for her previous single "Turning Me On" with Lil Wayne as well. It had a dope beat, but it also had a message in their about respecting women, which I totally dig.

I think Keri might have found her lane. If she keeps giving the people consistent women empowering songs that us dudes can still throw our neck out to at strip clubs to, and girls can still get their party on than she might be OK.

I give my props where props are due, and though I think Keri still played herself by trying to come at Beyonce and Ciara on that fuggin remix "leak", I think that she definitely did her thing with this new joint.
Listen to "Get Your Money Up"
Written by Gyant

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