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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Chris Brown, Rihanna Reportedly Reunite

The Rihanna/Chris Brown story continues to develop. The two have recently arrived in Los Angeles after a trip to Miami Beach, Florida, where they reportedly stayed in Diddy's home. Now, they are in LA awaiting Brown's arraignment on charges related to her beating on the eve of the Grammy's [click to read]. has released photos of the pair entering and exiting the same private jet. Recently, the couple has only been seen separately and news of their reconciliation was only speculated. Now, it seems the two are back together.

While representatives for the two artists declined to comment on the relationship, the case or the reunion, Rihanna's father spoke on the situation.

"I love my daughter with whatever road she takes," Ronald Fenty said in an interview with Us Weekly. "I'm behind her win or lose. I will be supportive. If that's the road she wants to choose, I'm behind her. I hope to see her soon. I talked to her after her birthday, and she told me she's OK."

"Everyone wants them to take a break, to cool off," an unidentified relative of Rihanna told "No one wants them back together. ...I don't want her to make a mistake, and I don't want her to ever go through this again."

Currently, Brown's arraignment is scheduled for this Thursday. However, reports claim it may be postponed [click to read].

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